Thursday, November 20, 2008

+ a t t a c k b a b e : s h u z h e n +

another birthday present for my bodyattack instructor/senior, Shuzhen stay late in office to do this. done in 1.5hrs. gesture sketch with pencil, outline with ballpointpen, erase pencil, scan, touchup colour in AdobePhotoshop. drew her in bodyattack attire, her eyebrows+eyes and her nice small is the focus area to draw to make it look like her.
i need to do more drawings, been very busy with bodyattack+bodyjam teamteaching on stage and attending friends' event this and that. maybe i should draw the instructors for their birthdays, to catchup on my drawings...

Monday, September 22, 2008

+ c o m b a t : t r a i n e r . b e n t a n g +

another instructor in fitnessfirstsingapore, he's also asia pacific's bodycombat+balance trainer, my master(and mother of lotsa combatchildren) mr Ben Tang! quite a fast doodle..yes yes..many in facebook asked why no answer is if i add in nose..won't look like him..if wanna add in nose..will look like a normal portrait, aim here was to "cartoonize" Ben. so ya...there you are. this has good a "card" feel to it..due to the layout of the text and format i guess. wonder who is the next person i be drawing..hmmm...Naila maybe?

Friday, September 12, 2008

+ c o m b a t : m r . j w +

finally done a illustration for Junwei, my fellow senior combat instructor, he been requesting a drawing of him.. ya ya..i know i been doing much gals drawing. oh well... here u are :P oh yes.. thats a "check this out" handsign for cue-ing the next move/combo.
i guess he's kinda happy with it as he now using it in his facebook and msn. wondering who's next in line to draw :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

+ c b o x . a d d e d +

Hi all, i have just added in the cbox feature, friends can start to chat/C&C here :)
No advertising pls! Spam can but not too much :P

+ r u n . b u n n y +

something i drew in late july but didnt have the time to colour and upload til tonight. just inspired by something i like to do for the past few years... yup running/jogging. all very "swoosh" maybe due to the fact i've been buying much of swooh products. hmmm.. after uploading i feel the body is abit long for a bunny, and the outline for the bunny should be alot thicker, but oh well. kinda sucks that i didnt upload any doodle in here for the month of august. grrr... must keep drawing!!!

+ p u m p g i r l : f e r n i e +

a surprise present for one of the bodypump instructors, Fernie for her birthday just before the day ended. A caricuture of her with her "weapon of destruction" which she uses to "smash" her pump members :P had trouble with the office alarm at night when i went to a level down to scan the hand-drawned pic, arghh...
Drew, scanned, coloured in PhotoshopCS2

Thursday, July 31, 2008

+ d e s i g n f o r c o l l e a g u e s +

finally i have something to update, time was not on my side for the past 2 months, going to KL for LesMillsQuarterlyWorkshop, reservist, office-relocation etc. anyway that aside, today will be abit different from what i normally do. my sisters colleagues had asked me to design a glasswall mural(with a 旺 character for fortune) which turn out well as using vinyl stickers, the flourish design were actually some templates from wilson, i used it and modify abit..ya..not that original i know :P while another to design 2 invitation cards, one for ROM and another for ROM post-party at Lunar. i just uploaded the Lunar one as i enjoyed doing. the printing came out really well :)

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